Hello there!

I’m Sofia, a 20 something bookworm who studies PR by day and reads by night. I’m from Sydney and while growing up, my parents could never pry a book from my chubby little fingers. I’m the managing editor of a digital agency called Chattr, but I’ll usually be found writing book reviews because all I want to do is incoherently babble how much I love them.

If you’d like to contact me about editing services or sensitivity reads, please email me at sofia.e.casanova@gmail.com.

What I’m Willing to Edit: 

  • Manuscripts – YA, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
  • Short Stories
  • Essays
  • Theses
  • News or entertainment content

You can also find me on other social media:

Instagram: @theliterarycasanova

Twitter: @sofiaecasanova

Goodreads: Sofia Casanova


I was blown away by how thorough Sofia’s feedback was! Her feedback is both honest and thoughtful. I’m really excited to go back to my project and incorporate her feedback, and would definitely recommend her for future sensitivity reads! – Meg Eden. 


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