The 15 Struggles of Being a Writer

Writing is something I love doing. It’s been a passion since the beginning of high school and I showed my English teacher, who was also the school librarian, a first draft of my novel. I recall her saying, ‘Good but the concept is cliche. It’s been done before.’

This is pretty much how I imagined her saying it. Source.

But what hasn’t been done before? Originality is so important in fresh discoveries for published books, but how can we be original when we are inspired by so many incredible authors? How can I be a writer when everything I want to write has been written? (At least, this is how I feel about being a writer. Maybe one day I’ll write something so bizarre it’ll be dubbed the next big thing).

I’ve complied a list of the many struggles of being a writer and as I was writing these I realised there are more than 15, but I decided to stick with these for fear of  having a list of 100 things we all relate to. So, are we incredible writers or just majorly sleep deprived and fantasising left, right and centre? Or maybe we’re just too good for this world where writing isn’t as awesome as it should be.

  1. When your friends send you all their documents to edit because you’re the only one who can do it.

    And you do it because you love them. Source.
  2. When you get an idea while driving and can’t write it down and then when you pull over, you’ve forgotten the idea.

  3. When you write bits and pieces of the story and can’t seem to piece them together.



  4. When inspiration strikes you in the middle of the night and suddenly you’re not sleeping but writing.

  5. When you tell people you’re a writer and they immediately judge you for your profession choice.

    Stop judging me, please. Source.
  6. When you have to research an entire field of study because you decided your main character would be a nuclear scientist.

    Brb, researching for days. Source. 
  7. When you’ve finally get home to write down all those awesome ideas you’ve had going on in your head and it kind of just… doesn’t happen.



  8. When your characters take control and they screw with your story outline.

    Did you guys really have to do that to me? Source.
  9. When you look at all your unfinished stories.

    Me too, Ron. Source.
  10. When you go back to edit your work and question what the heck it was you were writing.

  11. But then you slay the editing process and cut out half your word count.

  12. The moment of panic when people ask about your writing.

  13. When you’re having writer’s block and you’re just staring at a blank document but you wanna write.


  14. When that writer’s block finally goes away.

  15. When your whole experience is summed up like this.


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